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GOP Plans to Pour Funds Into Illinois

Mr. Steele says he's very committed to Illinois



    GOP Plans to Pour Funds Into Illinois
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    RNC boss Michael Steele is said to be committed helping fund Illinois Republicans.

    What a coup it would be for the GOP to win Obama's former senate seat.

    There's no doubt that the post, which is currently occupied by recently admonished Senator Roland Burris, would be an emotional victory for the Republican party.

    So it makes sense that the national Republican Party has signaled a willingness to pour a sizable chunk of money into Illinois’ political races, according to Crain’s.

    Illinois State GOP Chairman Pat Brady said he received a commitment from the RNC to pour funds into the state in hopes of a political breakthrough.

    Brady said chairman Michael Steele told him that “significant help” was on the way for the likes of Mark Kirk and Andy McKenna, who are just a couple of promising Republicans in a state that has been solidly blue for decades.

    "Mr. Steele says he's very committed to Illinois," Brady told Crain’s.  "Illinois is a top tier state for them."

    Brady, who is tasked with submitting a proposed budget to the RNC, will be looking for funding along the lines of the $11 million that went into the Virginia governor race and the $5 million that the RNC spent in New Jersey, Crain's notes.