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Emanuel Makes a Private Apology for "Retard" Insult

Emanuel calls Special Olympics CEO to apologize for his recent remarks



    Emanuel Makes a Private Apology for "Retard" Insult
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    White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hails from Chicago as well. He represented Chicago's north side as a Congressman between stints in the White House.

    Here’s something you usually don’t hear come out of Rahm Emanuel’s mouth … an apology.

    President Barack Obama's tart-tongued chief of staff has apologized for using the word "retarded" to describe liberal activists whose tactics on health care he questioned.
    Emanuel made the apology last week in a phone call to Tim Shriver, CEO of the Special Olympics, the White House said Tuesday.

    Shriver must have the White House’s phone numbers saved in his phone by now considering this isn’t the first time he received an Obama administration apology.

    Obama called Shriver back in March to apologize for his remarks after telling Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show” about how terrible of a bowler the president was. “It was like the Special Olympics or something,” Obama said.

    Did Emanuel apologize because he couldn’t take the heat, felt bad, or maybe he felt pressure after Sarah Palin’s Facebook post on Monday asking President Obama to fire his Chief of Staff?

    Palin, whose son Trig has Down syndrome, said Emanuel’s language was “heartbreaking” and a “slur on all God’s children.”