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Illinois Races: Ed Varga for U.S. Senate

"Dilligence, accountability and service"



    Illinois Races: Ed Varga for U.S. Senate
    Ed Varga is a political newcomer running for U.S. Senate in February 2010 against nine other Republican candidates.

    Republican Ed Varga, 42, is running for U.S. Senate in 2010, joining a full pack of competitors.  The political newcomer lives and works in Richmond as a licensed professional engineer.  The Loyola University graduate formerly served as president of the McHenry County Board of Health and teaches Religious Education to Boy Scouts.  The pro-life conservative advocates the Second Amendment, a strong military, State's rights and a reduction of government involvement.  He is opposed to "Cap and Trade" regulation and bailout funding.

    "I am tired of being one of those guys on the sidelines so cynical about politics today," Varga said. "I think that it's more important to try than to sit back and complain."

    Click here to support his Facebook campaign.  Check out his political YouTube page.

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