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Democratic Leaders Split on Hynes' Next Move

Quinn leads by just under 6,000 votes



    Democratic Leaders Split on Hynes' Next Move
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    Psst, what do you think Hynes should do?

    It appears that the Democratic Party is split over the results of the Democratic Governor’s primary. 

    President Barack Obama called Governor Pat Quinn to congratulate him on his primary victory even though Dan Hynes hasn’t conceded, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The phone call, which came after Obama held a Q & A with a group of Democrats on Capitol Hill, appears to be a message to Hynes: move aside so this infighting doesn’t cost the our party a governorship.

    But another prominent Democrat, albeit with a more local prestige, went the other way.

    Mayor Richard Daley balked at sending that same message to Hynes.

    "I lost an election to Harold Washington in 1983, and the next day I had breakfast with Harold, and I supported him. Just like a basketball or football game, it's over with, then you support the individual," he said. "[But] I don't know [about Hynes]. It's real close. I don't know all the --- I haven't seen the end result."

    Hynes trails Quinn by just under 6,000 votes, according to our estimates.

    There is talk of a possible recount and speculation about a drawn out fight for the party nomination, which is not good news for the Dems.

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