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Illinois Races: Art Turner Running for Lt. Governor

After 28 years in the State House, Turner is now looking for an upgrade



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    State Rep. Art Turner is running for Lieutenant Governor.

    State Rep. Arthur “Art” Turner (9th) is an elections-veteran and is planning to win more as he faces the Democratic primaries to become the Party’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

    An Illinois State University alum, Turner went on to earn his master’s degree in social justice at Lewis University in 1981. That’s the same year he entered (and never left) the Illinois House of Representatives.

    The 58-year-old Chicago-native had a very successful fundraising campaign in 2008, raking in $369,471 and claiming his House seat with 36,203 votes. Big contributors to his campaign included the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois ($16,200) and ComEd. ($13,500)

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