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Debbie Halvorson

Democrat, Running for Congress



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    The Woman: Debbie Halvorson is the Democratic freshman incumbent running for reelection in District 11. 

    Halvorson's political priorities include helping working class families, senior citizens, and veterans. Additionally she supports gay civil unions and opposes the legalization of marijuana.  She supports the war in Afghanistan, but believes its time to start bring our troops home from Iraq.

    The Knock: During her term as Congresswoman, Halvorson voted for the Health Care Reform Bill, supported the Recovery Act (a.k.a "stimulus") and wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire, all positions that could be weaknesses in a close contest with her Republican opponent, Adam Kinzinger. Also, Halvorson has rarely come home to meet with her constituents. Critics say she's an absent congresswoman. 

    The Strategy: While polls show her behind opponent Adam Kinzinger by significant margins, she needs to continue collecting endorsements crucial to her campaign.  She managed to secure an endorsement from the NRA which is a good start, but still not a bullseye shot to close the gap on her opponent. She'll need to campaign vigorously and defend her vote on the President's social reform.

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