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    The Man: Third time could be the charm for Democrat Dan Seals, who is running in the race for the 10th district seat in the North Shore.  Seals ran against and lost to Mark Kirk twice in the previous elections, showing that Obama’s coattails don’t reach every Democrat when he won in 2008.  But with Kirk running for the Senate, it leaves a race with no incumbents and Seals is a familiar face to 10th district voters who know him better than his opponent.

    The Knock: He's seen as a liberal Democrat, but he's running in the independent minded, fiscally conservative 10th district. Democrats are looking to seal the deal for him by calling in the big guns like Michelle Obama to help campaign, but it's unclear if that will help.   Some speculate that this district could be a big gain for Democrats who are looking to retain their control over congress.

    Seals, a Hyde Park native, appeals to the socially liberal with his pro-choice stance and the economically conservative with his pro-business stance. It's one of the many reasons the Sun-Times has chose to endorse him as a candidate. 

    The Strategy: He was the first candidate to start airing negative campaigns. He’ll need to focus on the issues if he wants to pull ahead of his opponent in the polls.

    The Buzz: