Feds Better Pay for Terror Trial Police: Daley - NBC Chicago

Feds Better Pay for Terror Trial Police: Daley

But says Gitmo prisoners at Thomson won't affect safety in Chicago



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    Mayer Daley ranted about the lost Olympic bid.

    The federal goverment should pay for any additional police needed in the event terror trials are held for new Thomson inmates, Mayor Daley said today.

    Speaking at La Rabido Hospital, Daley argued the decision to move Guantanamo prisoners to Illinois wouldn't make the city less safe, but added that the government is "going to pay for every police" should terror trials be held here.

    “You have cases tried all over the country, anything can raise the alarm system,” he said.

    On whether he agreed with the Thomson decision in general, Daley said the move was “up to the federal government." He acknowledged that the near empty prison, in its current state, “has been a liability."

    Responding to reporter questions, Daley also briefly spoke on meeting with Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.

    “I just saw him Saturday,” Daley said, adding that he had yet to make up his mind on an endorsement for next year’s Democratic primaries in the race for Cook County board president.