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Cain Accuser: 'No Skeletons in My Closet'

Sharon Bialek says her financial history, money aren't motivator behind sexual harassment claim



    Cain Accuser: 'No Skeletons in My Closet'
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    Lawyer Gloria Allred attends a news conference with Sharon Bialek (L) during a news conference in New York November 7, 2011. Bialek told the media that Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed her in the late 1990s when she sought his help with an employment issue while he was president of the National Restaurant Association.

    The Chicago area woman who publicly accused Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment said she didn't come forward to make money or sell her story.

    Court records show Sharon Bialek, raised in Chicago and living in Mundelein with fiancé Mark Harwood, has a history of financial troubles, including personal bankruptcy. But she told the Today Show on Tuesday her finances have "absolutely" nothing to do with her motivation to detail her encounter with Cain.

    "There were no skeletons in my closet," Bialek said, adding she told attorney Gloria Allred her finances may come up in the media. "This isn't about me," she said. "I'm not the one running for president."

    Fourth Herman Cain Accuser From Chicago

    [CHI] Fourth Herman Cain Accuser From Chicago
    Sharon Bialek, from Chicago, became the first of four alleged victims to detail her encounters with the former head of the National Restaurant Association when she laid out the blow-by-blow of their relationship during a Monday press conference.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 7, 2011)


    The Cain campaign, which responded publicily to the accusation on Tuesday, believes she is working to profit from her new found stardom. 

    "Who is Sharon Bialek?" Cain's advisers asked in a statement outlining the Chicago-area woman's "long and troubled history, from the courts to personal finances."

    Bialek on Monday alleged Cain harassed her 14 years ago while she visited Washington, D.C. to discuss a job with him at the National Restaurant Association.

    She told CNN her son helped persuade her to come forward. She said the 13-year-old told her to do the right thing and "tell on" Cain.

    Cain called the accusations "totally fabricated" Monday during an appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."