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Illinois Races: Brad Cole for Lt. Governor

"I will be the type of leader you and all the people of Illinois can count on"



    Illinois Races: Brad Cole for Lt. Governor
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    Brad Cole (R) is running for Lt. Governor in February 2010.

    Brad Cole (R) is currently serving his second term as Mayor of the City of Carbondale.  At the age of 31, Cole was the youngest-ever Mayor in the rural residential community. He previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of Illinois after joining the Governor's Senior Staff management team in 2002.  Since 1999, Cole has been a part of the staff; monitoring revenue/taxation, economic development, education and transportation.

    Cole's campaign is aimed at  "turning the system upside-down" by working with other parties to put focus on local issues such as: strengthening state's rural affairs initiatives, promoting economic development throughout the Illinois Main Street Program, advancing sustainability issues, protecting the state's rivers and waterways and creating a citizens' advocacy office.

    He has roots in both central and Southern Illinois, serving as Assistant Director of SIU's Alumni Association for four years after graduating from the university with a Master's degree of Legal Studies in addition to a double major in political science and biological sciences.

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