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Bill Foster

Democrat, Running for Congress



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    The Man:  Congressman Bill Foster may have a Ph. D in Physics from Harvard University, but he's just as knowledgable about Illinois politics as he is rocket science. Considering the current state of Illinois fiscal matters it could take a rocket scientist to figure them out.

    The incumbent from Batavia was elected to finish the remaining term for former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert in 2008 out of district 14.  He has served on the Financial Services Committee and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

    Foster supported the timetable to withdraw from Iraq, funding for alternative energy research, and the Health Care bill. He opposes gay marriage while supporting Civil Unions that grant couples the same rights as heterosexual couples and opposes the legalization of marijuana.

    The Knock:  The last poll, take in August, shows Foster running behind Hultgren. As a party line liberal who voted for the health care overhaul and the stimulus bill, he could face an anti-incumbent wave.  

    The Strategy: He’s reminding voters of his background as a small business owner and reassuring them he understands their struggles. His platform is to create more jobs while rebuilding the economy, reducing the federal deficit, and taking care of veterans.

    The Buzz: