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Alexi to Meet With Axelrod

Giannoulias will want to know about White House assistance



    Alexi to Meet With Axelrod
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    Alexi Giannoulias came out of the primary bruised. He's got a bank problem on his hands. How will the Broadway snafu affect the wanna-be senator in a year when bank angst runs high?

    Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias will meet with White House advisor David Axelrod Tuesday at the White House, according to a Giannoulias spokesperson

    Giannoulias will be a guest at the White House on Tuesday for the Greek Independence Day celebration, but Giannoulias will no doubt be looking for more than just kielbasa -- he likely wants to know how involved Obama will be in his senate campaign.

    Despite Obama and Giannoulias' shared histroy -- they were basketball buddies in Chicago, among other things -- the president has kept his distance from the senate candidate's campaign thus far.

    Meanwhile, Giannoulias faces mounting pressure to answer questions about, and help his family raise more than $80 million for, Broadway Bank. 

    The FDIC has set a mid April deadline to come up with the cash or the bank will fold.  

    Giannoulias will also likely be asked to respond to a Crain's Chicago Business report that disclosed the Giannoulias family stands to received $10 million in federal tax refunds even if the bank does fail.