Zach Galifianakis Offered Role of Nazi-Fighting Fish in “Mr. Limpett” Remake

Having run out of scripts to throw at Zach Galifiankis since his breakout role in "The Hangover," some boob in Hollywood is trying to get him to reprise Don Knotts' role as a henpecked husband whose wish comes true when he is turned into a fish. Did we mention he helps the Navy turn back a submarine attack by the Nazis?

The trailer (below) for the original version of "The Incredible Mr. Limpett" promises viewers that it's "sure to be the most incredibly delightful movie about a man who turns into a fish that you'll see this year," as well as four ("count 'em!") new songs, "Super Doodle Dandy," (enjoy!) " I Wish I Were a Fish," "Be Careful How You Wish" and "Deep Rapture."

Both Jim Carrey and Robin Williams have at one time or another been attached to this project, which should be enough of a red flag for a guy as talented as Galifianakis. Though Johnny Depp has been on board in the past as well, so...

Let's hope Galifianakis finds some better way to spend his time. He can be seen next month in "Dinner for Schmucks," alongside Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

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