Worst queso scenario: Nacho cheese spill shuts down Arkansas highway

"Nacho easiest clean up on that scene today," one person commented

Arkansas Department of Transportation

A truck full of nacho cheese crashed on an Arkansas highway Tuesday afternoon, leaving the roadway in a cheesy mess and causing a traffic jam.

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Transportation said in a Facebook post the spill occurred on Aug. 2, when a truck carrying several cans of cheese collided with a truck hauling an 18-wheeler on Interstate 30 near the city of Prescott.

“Taco Tuesday, anyone?” the department joked on social media. “Things are all clear now and traffic is moving.” 

Photos of the messy spill shared by the department showed dozens of cheese cans splattered across the pavement near a semi-truck that ended up tipped over on its side.

Though no injuries were reported and the highway opened the same day, the department's Facebook post garnered over 500 shares and comments from users."

“Nacho ordinary highway spill. Certainly not the best queso scenario,” a user commented. “Thankfully, it’s all clear and it’s nacho problem anymore. (I’ll see myself out).”

"Nacho easiest clean up on that scene today," another user commented.

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