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Women Donate to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's Name

Donald Trump and Mike Pence's election has sparked protests across the country, and while thousands of people took to the streets, some expressed their displeasure a bit differently.  

Activists have been opening their wallets to make a donation to Planned Parenthood - with a twist. Countless people, largely women, posted on social media that they donated in honor of Indiana Governor and now Vice President-elect Mike Pence, using the address for his office so he will receive a certificate of thanks. [[401016945, C]]

Celebrities also got in on the trend, with actress Amber Tamblyn and comedian Amy Schumer posting their support on Instagram. [[401017025, C]]

Pence has been a long-time opponent of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. While serving in Congress before being elected governor in 2012, Pence authored multiple anti-abortion pieces of legislation, including the first bill to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding. 

This most recent outpouring of donations isn't the first time Pence has been the target of a social media initiative. After he signed a controversial abortion ban into law in Indiana in March, women began contacting the governor's office to send updates on their menstrual cycles in protest of the measure.

The law, which was ultimately blocked by a federal judge, sought to prohibit women from seeking an abortion if they discovered any fetal genetic abnormalities, in addition to a ban on any abortions performed because of a fetus’ race, sex or ancestry. Doctors who performed any of the abortions forbidden under the measure would have been subject to discipline or potentially sued for wrongful death. Abortion providers would have also been responsible for burying or cremating "fetal remains," and donating fetal tissue would have become a felony. 

While Planned Parenthood hasn't commented in detail on the post-election trend of donating in Pence's honor, the organization did thank advocates, saying they've "been blown away by the support" and acknowledging that many people are donating in both Pence and Clinton's names. [[401017035, C]]

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