Woman Says Car Brakes Were Cut in Dibs War

The Ukrainian Village woman believes someone deliberately cut the brake lines on her car after she parked in a spot reserved with lawn chairs

Dibs is serious business in Chicago during the winter.

A Ukrainian Village woman reported that someone had cut the brake lines of her car because she ignored the dibs rule and parked in a spot that was "claimed," DNA Info reported.

Under the illegal system, people who shovel out parking spots after a snow storm informally lay claim to them for days by leaving items, such as furniture or garbage cans.

The 25-year-old woman reported the incident to Chicago police at about 7:40 a.m. Sunday, police news affairs said. The incident happened in the 2400 block of West Iowa Street.

The woman parked her car in a spot that had been shoveled out and reserved with lawn chairs, according to DNA Info. She first realized something was wrong with her car when she started driving it to work and noticed that she had a difficult time slowing it down.

A mechanic told the woman that both brakes in the back were completely severed and appeared to be purposely cut, DNA Info reported.

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