Wisconsin City to Fine Parents If Child Is a Bully

The ordinance would help parents know more their kids' lives, police told NBC26 in Green Bay

Police in one small Wisconsin city are going to new lengths to prevent bullying: fining parents if their child is caught picking on others.

The new ordinance in Shawano means parents of children acting as “bullies” could be fined hundreds of dollars if they don’t intervene, according to NBC affiliate NBC26 in Green Bay.

Under the ordinance, police work with the Shawano School District to identify bullies and notify parents, who then have 90 days to intervene. If they don’t, and the child continues to bully, the parents could be fined $366. If the child bullies again within one year, they could be fined $681.

Shawano Police Chief Mark Kohl told NBC26 the ordinance will help parents know more about what is going on with their kids, noting that many parents don’t know their children are acting as bullies.

The ordinance includes physical and cyber-bullying and includes children under the age of 18.

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