Win a Copy of the New “Mrs. O” Fashion Bible

Just ditch the Juicy sweatpants already, OK?

"Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy" hit bookstores Wednesday, but why pay for something you can get for free, courtesy of your brilliant brain and inquisitive nature?

Wait a sec, really. Just go with us on this one.

Mary Tomer -- who's turned her popular Mrs. O blog into the beautifully photographed book -- is giving away three signed copies of the new style bible. Submit your question about the book, the designer interviews or anything else. (Well, not anything. We're not sure she'll be able to tell you the meaning of life, unless the meaning of life is a lime green coat.)

The "Mrs. O." book features 120+ photos of the First Lady, plus close-up details of fabric swatches and interviews with designers like Isabel Toledo, Jason Wu and Michael Kors.

So maybe you can't afford a Jason Wu gown, but that's no reason for being ignorant, right? Tomer will answer as many questions as she can and will send a copy of the book to her three favorites. You can submit your Q's through Saturday at noon.

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