Wheeling Woman Surprises Dad With Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Dad helped daughter through multiple broken legs and surgeries

An Illinois woman found a special way to show her father how much he means to her.

Nicole Perrella of Wheeling, Illinois, won Vizio's national Father's Day contest and surprised him with his present -- a 60-inch TV -- at a Wal-Mart Friday morning.

Perella's dad, Michael, has been by her side throughout her life as she battled a bone disease that caused six broken femurs, 15 surgeries and countless hours of bed rest.

"We went through some hard times and we found ways to entertain each other," Nicole Perella said.

After watching his daughter go through so much pain from the metal rods in her legs as she grew, the former Marine and electrical engineer says he received some inspiration in a moment of frustration.

"I was getting frustrated because she's had her legs open so many times, so I just drew something on an x-ray saying this is a stupid design, why can't you just design it like this," Michael said.

Michael partnered with the doctor to create a titanium design that is now used all over the world.

He didn't know why he was going to the Wal-Mart on Friday until the TVs started playing Nicole's video tribute to him.

"She's everything to me. Everything I did is what any father would do," Michael said.

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