Weekend Watch List: MAD MEN IS HERE!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and count down the days until the “Mad Men” season premiere. Only two days to go! Everyone, get out your Lucky Strikes and start smoking NOW to get the ambience in your living room ready! LET’S GO!

MAD MEN – 10:00PM Sunday (AMC) When we last left Don Draper, he was finalizing a divorce and starting a new ad agency by hijacking his old one. Now he’s alone and free to swing as he pleases. Something tells me he won’t be as happy about this development as you would think he’d be. I’d also like to know if Pete Campbell’s wife actually knows that Pete had sex with the nanny next door. I think she did when Pete gave her that guilty look last year, but then she pretty much just carried on as if nothing had happened. She knew he did it, right? God, people back then were so weird. How can you hold it in like that? What that? With booze? Ah. ANTICIPATION: OFF THE CHARTS!

RUBICON – 10:55PM Sunday (AMC) AMC sneakily put a sneak preview of this show after the “Breaking Bad” finale, and now they’re putting the sneak preview on AGAIN after the “Mad Men” premiere. You can also watch it online. It’s genius, really. Show the premiere a million times wherever you can, and then PROFIT. Anyway, this show promises political intrigue. Plus, the title makes it sound like a puzzle. Or a French nightclub. Not sure which. ANTICIPATION: SCHEMEY!

MY BOYS – 10:00PM Sunday (TBS) If “Mad Men” isn’t your thing, get bent. Or, as an alternative to getting bent, watch this TBS season premiere. Hey, it’s got Jim Gaffigan. Can’t go wrong with Jim Gaffigan. ANTICIPATION: BACON JOKES!

MAN WOMAN WILD – 9:00PM tonight (Discovery Channel) Not to be confused with “Man vs. Wild,” this Discovery Channel show takes the outdoor survival formula and throws in the twist of having a WOMAN around. A woman? In nature? That’s crazy. They’ll tempt you with apples and witchcraft! The moon told me so! ANTICIPATION: THEY ATTRACT BEARS!

WHALE WARS – 9:00PM tonight (Animal Planet) Tonight, the poacher foilers have trouble when their boat, the Bob Barker, springs a leak. You don’t want to be near a leaking Bob Barker. Never fun. ANTICIPATION: SEEPAGE!

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