22 Ways to Kill Time at Airports

At a loss for how to kill time during a long layover or a flight delay? Check out the best, weirdest ways to waste time at an airport.

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Miami International Airport
Meet Casey, Miami International Airport's favorite therapy pup to help relax passengers coming in and out of terminals.
Los Angeles International Airport
Kai the Dalmatian is one of a dozen therapy dogs LAX encourages passengers to come, play, take photos and hug.
Philadelphia's airport is the first to have free sitting bikes and a "pop-up" gym for passengers to get their blood pumping in different ways aside from running to the terminal.
General Mitchell International Airport
Milwaukee's airport has a special place in the heart's of competitive table tennis players. The ping-pong table in its terminal makes getting one more game in before take off pretty ideal.
San Francisco's airport is now offering a place to downward dog in peace.
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Passengers flying out of Dallas can also get their share of Sun Salutations before a long journey.
San Diego offers its passengers a little peace of mind from the bustling terminals with a meditation room.
Albuquerque International Sunport
Gather some thoughts in between flights and wait in Albuquerque's quaint meditation room.
Raleigh Durham International Airport
Even Raleigh Durham has a room dedicated to being meditated
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
O'Hare likes to keep passengers on their toes with this towering Brachiosaurus replica donated by the Chicago Field Museum.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta is one of the few cities to offer a place for flyers to rest their head for a few hours.
Minute Suites
Minute Suites has been established in Philadelphia airport and are available to rent by the hour
Minute Suites
These sleep pods, like the ones in Dallas/Fort Worth, have a day bed, desk, TV, full bathroom and noise machine.
Orlando International Airport
Orlando's airport is the only terminal that has an old-school arcade room to keep passengers, both young and old, entertained until take-off.
Orlando's huge fish tank holds more than 100 different types of sea creatures in the airport's main food court.
Logan International Airport
Logan's Kidport is a fun places for kids to run around and play while parents get to sit and watch.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Chicago's airport has proven itself to be kid-friendly with its awesome aviation-themed play area
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Facebook
The "Live Music Capital of the World" keeps its tradition going in the city's airport.
Austin may have musicians come into its airport to perform for passengers. San Jose lets passengers perform for themselves. See more at YouTube.
San Diego boasts the world's largest USO lounge for service members to watch TV, play X-box and use Skype.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
While passengers sit and eat their veggies at Chicago O'Hare they get a nice view of where their food is coming from with the only airport aeroponic garden in the world.
Burlington International Airport
Flyers leaving Burlington International must check out the airport's breathtaking garden on the roof of the parking garages.
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