WATCH: Surveillance Video Shows Tornado Destroy House in Seconds

House was empty when the twister plowed into it

Countless images and videos have shown the frightening destruction caused by tornadoes that ripped through several Illinois towns on Sunday.

Perhaps none of them shows how instantaneously a home can be dismantled in a powerful tornado, but a video posted to YouTube this week comes close.

Surveillance video at a gas station-Dairy Queen combo in Diamond, Ill., shows cars being spun around in the street as the twister enters the area. Between the 29 second and 31 second mark in the video, a two-story home is wiped off its foundation and completely destroyed.

The video's description notes that the house was a model home and no one was inside at the time.

The phone at the gas station has since been disconnected, and employees there couldn't be reached.

Diamond was one of the towns most heavily hit by Sunday's storms. In all 22 tornadoes touched down in Illinois. Damaging and powerful storms also hit other parts of the midwest, including northwest Indiana.

In Washington, Ill., an EF-4 tornado with winds that forecasters said reached 190 mph affected more than 1,000 houses. A man was killed in the storm there and 122 people were injured.

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