#WearWhiteToVote: Voters Show Solidarity with Clinton, Suffragists

A grassroots campaign is calling for people to #WearWhiteToVote to show support at the polls for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and those women who fought for the right to vote a century ago. 

Social media users are using the hashtag on Election Day to show solidarity for the first woman candidate of a major political party.

White has a history of symbolism with women’s suffrage and was the color of the pantsuit that Clinton wore when she accepted her nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July.

By no coincidence, white was also one of the of the official colors of the National Woman’s Party.

Self proclaimed “Centenarian for Hillary” Jerry Emmett wore white when she voted for Clinton last week in Arizona’s early voting. At age 102, she was born before the 19th Amendment was passed, which gave women the right to vote.

Another form of showing solidarity for Clinton at the polls has been women wearing her signature look: the pantsuit. Clinton supporters are participating in another grassroots campaign, #PantSuitNation, by mirroring Clinton's power outfit. 

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