Volunteers Rush to Help Pets Trapped in Wuhan Amid Virus Lockdown

Volunteers are racing to help animals in Wuhan, China, which has been under lockdown since Jan. 23

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They may have escaped Wuhan — the Chinese city at the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic — but many left without their pets and almost two weeks on, they fear for their animals which have been left without food and water, NBC News reports.

The city has been in a lockdown since Jan. 23 to stop the virus from spreading. The number of coronavirus deaths on mainland China rose to 908 on Monday, and the number of confirmed cases to 40,171.

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Source: NBC News, staff reports

Wuhan's mayor Zhou Xianwang said 5 million people had left the city before the restrictions began, leaving many pets trapped inside people’s homes, with nothing to eat or drink.

Now groups of volunteers in the city are working around the clock to help the animals.

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