Vivid to Prejean: Now Can We Talk?

Vivid offers Prejean $1M to star in a movie... possibly one about sex.

Vivid is making another pitch to Carrie Prejean.

The former Miss California USA is being  offered $1 million to star in an adult movie. LA-based Vivid recently renewed an offer it made in May.

"We originally made the offer in May when Carrie was making headlines  during the controversy over her statements during the Miss USA Pageant. She  didn't get back to us at the time," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid. "Now that it's been revealed that she has actually made her own sex  tape, we know her reluctance certainly wasn't based on any fear of performing  sexually for the camera. She's a beautiful woman with plenty of  talent, and we still believe that a video featuring her would be a best  seller."

Hirsch said he had no opinion on her religious or personal beliefs.

"We're doing this simply because she's hot and has a certain star  quality," he said.

In interviews publicizing her new book, "Still Standing," Prejean said  she made the video herself for a boyfriend when she was 17, trusting that he  would not allow it to become public. She called it "the biggest mistake" of  her life.

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