Video Shows Officers Using Stun Gun on Metra Passenger

Video of the incident has sparked debate and added more to the national dialogue of how police respond to tense situations

Passengers on an early Monday morning Metra train to Elgin, Illinois, got a first-hand lesson in law enforcement when an officer used a stun gun on a passenger the transit agency says was intoxicated and resisting arrest. The officer is also seen locking the man’s head between the officer’s legs and telling him to "shut the f--- up."

Video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube Wednesday, has sparked debate and added more to the national dialogue of how police respond to tense situations.

This happened on Milwaukee West Line train No. 2725, the last train from Chicago's Union Station to Elgin on the Sunday schedule. Metra spokesman Michael Gillis said a group of "apparently intoxicated" passengers were on the upper level of one car. Two of them were using "obscene" language, he said. 

When the train pulled into the Western Ave. Station, at 420 N. Artesian Ave., the conductor spotted two officers at the station and asked them to remove the two passengers from the train.

One of the passengers, who remained unidentified Thursday because he is a minor, came down to the lower level after repeated demands. The other man, identified as 20-year-old Ryan Hutchinson, of Bloomingdale, was recorded questioning why police were arresting his friend and refusing to come down from the upper level.

"I don’t need to come down. I’m not doing anything wrong," Hutchinson is heard saying.

Police tell the man he needs to come down the stairs because officers "told him to." One of the officers then comes up the stairs and tells the passenger to get up before pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

A scuffle and argument ensued and Hutchinson eventually told the officers, "I’m done."

The officers told Hutchinson to stop resisting, and then stun him with the stun gun. Passengers are heard yelling at the officers as the Hutchinson shouted "I’m not resisting."

But Gillis said that while Hutchinson said he wasn't resisting, he was, in fact, not allowing the officers to put him into handcuffs. It wasn't until after the officer used the stun gun on Hutchinson that officers were able to place him in handcuffs and remove him from the train.

In a brief conversation with NBC Chicago, Hutchinson called the officers’ actions "uncalled for."

Hutchinson was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. His court date was scheduled for July 27.

Metra said in a statement, "Metra has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for its riders. The incidents could've been avoided if Mr. Hutchinson had complied with the conductor's request to stop using obscene language."

The Metra train was ultimately 50 minutes late in reaching its destination in Elgin.

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