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Video Captures Jet Skier Rescuing Trapped Dolphin in Biscayne Bay

NBC Universal, Inc.

Video captured by a South Florida man shows the moment he was able to save a dolphin while jet skiing in Biscayne Bay.

The footage shows the man, identified as Nick Tuduri by Florida Highway Patrol, jet skiing with a friend in the open water when he notices a flailing dolphin. Immediately, Tuduri leaps into action.

He notices the dolphin's tail is caught in a net. Afraid that the dolphin will drown, Tuduri reaches into his jet ski to grab a knife.

After struggling to get a hold of the net and the dolphin's tail, he finally is able to cut the dolphin free.

Later in the video, as Tuduri and his friend begin driving away, a family of dolphins can be seen swimming beside him — possibly as a sign of gratitude.

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