Veterans Aim to Be First Combat Amputees to Reach Everest Summit

The veterans plan to reach the summit around May 20

Two military veterans hope this month to become the first combat amputees to reach the summit of Mount Everest, NBC News reported. 

The veterans, a Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan and a retired Army staff sergeant battling post-traumatic stress disorder, also hope to inspire other wounded service members to “accomplish their goals and have a meaningful life.”

"Not only will I be climbing the tallest mountain in the world but I'll be doing it while raising issues for veterans — most especially post-traumatic stress which has affected me personally and many of the soldiers with whom I've served," said Chad Jukes, whose right leg was amputated below the knee in 2006 after his vehicle struck a roadside bomb in northern Iraq. 

Jukes is climbing with a team of servicemen and veterans from U.S. Expeditions and Explorations, a non-profit that helps those with PTSD. The group arrived at camp in Nepal on April 25 and plan to reach the summit around May 20.

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