U2 Livestreaming on YouTube

Good news for the millions of fans who couldn't get tickets

The biggest band in the world will play before the biggest audience of their careers on Sunday, as U2's concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena will be livestreamed on YouTube.

"As we're filming the LA show, it's the perfect opportunity to extend the party beyond the stadium. Fans often travel long distances to come to see U2 -- this time U2 can go to them, globally," according to the band's manager, Paul McGuinness.

After the show, the video will be available on both the band's website and YouTube.

This could be a breakthrough moment for both YouTube and the record industry, which has cast a leery eye toward the video sharing site almost since its debut. Many record labels and artists have hounded YouTube over the years to protect their copyrights.

Prince, in particularly, has been relentless in demanding the site take down any video that features his work, a seemingly ironic stance for a man who has been so bold as to give away free copies of his albums tucked into newspapers.

YouTube says that the broadcast won't be framed by anything more than the normal amount of advertising. The site will enable viewers to chat throughout the broadcast via Twitter and will there will be a "Donate Now" button that will take folks to Bono's RED charity, the BBC reported.

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