Tuesday Watch List: Money Money Moneyyyy… MONEY

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and cut a few trillion from your personal deficit. LET’S GO!

TAKE THE MONEY & RUN – 9:00PM (ABC) ABC's newest reality show is basically a treasure hunt. Two brothers stash a briefcase containing $100,000 somewhere in San Francisco (presumably under a big T), and then a team of detectives is let loose on the money's trail. If they find the case, they keep the money. If they don't, the brothers do. And this is such a simple (and frankly, good) idea for a show, it's kind of a wonder no one did it before. I'll watch anything that involves a briefcase full of cash. Briefcases full of cash are awesome. ANTICIPATION: CASH MONEY BROTHERS!

KILLER SHARKS – 9:00PM (Discovery) Shark Week rolls on with this special taking a look at the 1957 shark attacks off the coast of South Africa and how they affected public attitudes towards sharks. HINT: Not for the better. ANTICIPATION: BITES!

STEAM OF LIFE – 10:00PM (PBS) Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Finnish people are obsessed with saunas? It's true. In fact, PBS has an hourlong special on tonight about how much Finnish men enjoy a nice big steamer. Check out their custom saunas, marvel as they ladle water onto hot rocks, and watch with awe as you realize that Finns must be quite a leisurely group of folks. ANTICIPATION: STEAMY!

BORN TO DANCE – 10:00PM (BET) Add BET to the litany of networks with a dance competition now, this one hosted by choreographer Laurieann Gibson, and with a grand prize of $50,000. Winner also gets to be an extra for half a second in a Big Boi video (NOTE: Not an actual prize). ANTICIPATION: BUST A MOVE!

19 KIDS AND COUNTING – 9:00PM (TLC) The Duggars go to NYC to promote their book, and I'm sure New Yorkers on the subway find their 19 brats jussssst adorable. ANTICIPATION: BAD IDEA!

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