Tuesday Watch List: Kobe's Last Stand

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and cook yourself some rhubarb. So underrated, that rhubarb. It’s like celery, only DELICIOUS when you add nine cups of sugar to it and throw it on top of ice cream. Mmmmm, rhubarb. LET’S GO!

NBA FINALS - LAKERS/CELTICS, GAME 6 – 9:00PM (ABC) It’s do-or-die this evening for Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers, as they return home needing two wins in a row to wrest the NBA title away from the Celtics, who hold a 3-2 lead. And if you don’t think David Stern is preparing to send out Dick Bavetta and his trusty tire iron to ensure a seventh game in this series, you don’t know Evil David Stern all that well. I’m not saying Kobe will shoot 576 free throws tonight, but I’d certainly bet the over. ANTICIPATION: FISHY!

KATHY GRIFFIN: MY LIFE ON THE D-LIST – 9:00PM (Bravo – an NBC/Universal network) The lady you book when Joan Rivers is busy is back with her Bravo series, one of the few reality shows on TV that delights in its own contrived scenarios. When E! sends the Kardashians to a pet farm, and they pretend it’s a completely spontaneous decision, that gets a little weak. At least Kathy Griffin is smart enough to acknowledge how fabricated all this business is. ANTICIPATION: RHINOPLASTY!

CUPCAKE WARS – 9:00PM (Food Network) It’s a new series from Food Network, featuring cupcakes. Ah yes, cupcakes. The chosen dessert of rich yuppie housewives looking to open their own low-maintenance food boutique. I’ve had fancy cupcakes, and let me tell you something: At the end of the day, it’s still a cupcake. If it has lots of frosting, it’s good. That’s about it. It’s not a sign of real culinary skill to make a decent cupcake. It just means you wanted to open a shop with as little overhead as humanly possible. I’ll take a full service bakery any day, thank you very much. Besides, everyone knows donuts are the new cupcakes. ANTICIPATION: ICING!

THE LITTLE COUPLE – 10:00PM (TLC) It’s the season premiere of this show about a married dwarf couple. Tonight, the couple celebrates their 2nd anniversary, which is actually their 14th anniversary in dwarf years. ANTICIPATION: AWWWWW!

DOUBLE EXPOSURE – 10:00PM (Bravo – an NBC/Universal network) It’s the premiere of this new show about “superstar” photographer Markus Klinko, whose name sounds like a Nazi villain in a war movie. Tonight, Eve storms off the set of a shoot. Likely because someone said, “Eve? She’s still alive?” ANTICIPATION: FLASHY!

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