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Trump Organization Employee Proposed to Head HUD in NY, NJ



    Trump Wedding Planner May Head HUD in NY, NJ

    Lynne Patton, an employee of the Trump organization and wedding planner for Eric Trump’s wedding, will head the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s office for New York and New Jersey. Melissa Russo reports.

    (Published Friday, June 16, 2017)

    Lynne Patton, a Trump Organization employee and Eric Trump's wedding planner, might be the next head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development for New York and New Jersey.

    Patton does not have a background in public housing, but was recommended by Ben Carson, the head of the national Housing and Urban Development department.

    The Trump administration appeared to be backing away from the appointment later on Friday, but by then news had already spread through the streets of New York. 

    "I think it’s a joke. Is she going to bring more weddings to the housing?" said Omar Perez, a Manhattan resident.

    Jhune Liwanag via AP

    Some feared the choice might hit home, literally.

    Cora Bass resides at Chelsea Elliot Houses on New York City's West Side, where the apartments are in dire need of new windows, kitchens and bathrooms. She was aghast to learn Patton, who has no experience with public housing, might be in charge of the entire region.

    "He got a lot of damn nerve to be doing that," Bass said about Trump's proposed pick.  

    Anthony Landi, of Little Italy, had a little more faith.

    "Well Dr. Ben Carson didn’t have housing experience either but he’s a smart guy and I trust him to hire smart people to do the job,” he said. "Honestly, I trust everything our president does."

    Meanwhile, the federal housing department said Friday afternoon that the position has not been filled yet.

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    (Published 6 hours ago)

    In a statement to News 4 New York, Adolfo Carrion, Jr., the former director of the federal housing agency, pointed out Patton's lack of experience, but wishes her good luck.

    Rep. Grace Meng from Queens penned a letter to the Trump administration about how Patton shouldn’t get the job, writing, "This is not 'The Apprentice.'"