Toilet Trip Likely Saves Man's Life as Tractor-Trailer Slams Into Delaware Home

"I came outside, there's the driver standing in my driveway, and I just laid into him"

A trip to the bathroom early Tuesday morning likely saved a Delaware man's life when a tractor-trailer crashed into his home.

"That's where I was sittin' this morning," homeowner Bob Iwanowski told NBC10's Tim Furlong, pointing to the toilet in his New Castle home.

Iwanowski would normally have been outside smoking a cigarette at that time of morning, he said — but nature called.

A Canada Dry tractor-trailer crashed into a New Castle, Delaware resident’s home Tuesday morning. NBC10’s Tim Furlong has more.

He was in the bathroom when suddenly the entire house shook.

"The house went this way, this way, this way," Iwanowski told NBC10, swaying his body side to side.

It turned out the tractor-trailer had left the nearby Canada Dry plant shortly before the crash. Police said the driver told them he struck a parked car and lost control of the big rig on Iwanowski's block of Moores Lane near East 14th Street, then careened into the man's home. The home sustained serious damage, but Iwanowski wasn't injured.

"I came outside, there's the driver standing in my driveway, and I just laid into him," Iwanowski said.

The driver went to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and was expected to be OK.

Other neighbors on the block said tractor-trailers zooming through their neighborhood are a common problem.

Authorities at the Canada Dry plant haven't returned a request for comment on the incident.

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