Tom Hardy Has No Real Time to Recline in “Inception”

Poor Tom Hardy is one of those actors who not only gives his heart and soul into a performance, he also gives up most of body.

So you can imagine his happiness when shooting some of the calmer early scenes of "Inception" after taking real abuse in his fight movie "Warrior." The peace didn't last long.

"I had just come off a cage fighting film and had been pretty badly beaten up with broken toes and a rib," Hardy says of his "Inception" experience.

"It was nice to wear nice suits and a tan," he adds. "The pleasure was [that] there wasn't much action."

But you are dealing with a dream extractor, and these things tend to get crazy. So that peace and quiet came to an end faster than you can say suppressed subconscious thought.  By the end of the shoot, Hardy was on a mountain in Calgary being pulled by a speeding snowmobile, on skis.

"I was introduced to a pair of skis for the first time and they tied me to the back of a skidoo which was inspiration to get the shot as quickly as possible," he says. "And they put me at the top of a mountain and then down it. And gave me claymores and a rifle."

Just another day at the office for Hardy.

"So it was back to business, which was a shame."

Not like he's going to get any rest. Hardy's next project is a remake of "Mad Max."

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