Tom Cruise Champion of the World with MTV Knockout

Whether "Knight and Day" dominates the box office on June 25, as most Tom Cruise vehicles do, is almost beside the point.

Cruise has inexplicably rehabbed his image to such heights that he dominated Sunday night's "MTV Movie Awards."

It wasn't too long ago that tabloid tales and one too many bounces on Oprah's couch seemed to be getting the best of the movie star. And not many people remember the whole movie where he played a German with an American accent and an eye-patch, because not that many people saw it.

But that all seemed very long ago as Cruise improbably boogied on stage in complete Les Grossman garb and actually kept up with Jennifer Lopez. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me it was all a dream.

The crazed crowd yelled its wild approval -- all led on by Cruise's wife Katie Holmes who was losing her voice in the din. How did this couple become the happiest, most fun couple alive?

The mega-star started the show in what seemed like typical Cruise style -- a very safe, totally pre-taped skit based on his funny "Tropic Thunder" character. The darkly-lit skit made you think Cruise's act was being aided by smoke and mirrors. But no matter. It was fun. He could have left it right there for a win.

But Cruise shockingly threw all the chips down and took the gig live. Even in the safe environment of the high-choreographed MTV Awards it was a gutsy thing to do, especially next to Jennifer Lopez.

He pulled off his Grossman with conviction. That fat, hairy producer finger is now pointing at you Tom Cruise -- you're the (bleeping) man.

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