“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” Sequel Already Cooking

"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" has already made back its money during its run in England, meaning that every dollar made here in the states is profit. John Le Carre wrote several books that star the same George Smiley. Gary Oldman has already expressed a willingness to do a sequel. And the movie is among the year's 10 best. Why not make a sequel?

Peter Straughn, who adapted "Tinker" with the late Bridget O'Connor, has confessed that he and director Tomas Alfredson have already begun to conceive of a second film.

"The obvious choice would be 'Smiley's People,'" Straughan told The Playlist. "The second book in the trilogy is 'The Honourable Schoolboy' but it's set entirely in Hong Kong, and George Smiley's not a major character in it [the plot instead focuses on Jerry Westerby, the character played by 'Boardwalk Empire' star Stephen Graham in Alfredson's film], but it might be possible to take some material from that and combine it into 'Smiley's People' in the sequel."

Judging from Gary Oldman's comments from two months ago, these conversations have been kicked around for some time now.

"I loved playing George, and there are of course films to be made of Le Carré’s other books featuring George, with Smiley’s People and The Honourable Schoolboy being the obvious ones," Oldman told The Guardian. But I would insist on quite a few factors, such as I would really want Tomas Alfredson to direct it again."

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