WATCH: Time-Lapse Video of Chicago River Turning Green

The video, titled “Greening of the River 2014,” follows the dyeing from start to finish in a 30-second time-lapse

Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend started off with the annual dyeing of the Chicago River.

The Saturday morning event, along with the afternoon St. Patrick’s Day Parade, drew hundreds of thousands of spectators as the city kicked off a series of holiday festivities.

One celebrator made an incredible time-lapse video showing the river’s transformation.

Peter Tsai posted the 30-second video on YouTube, titled “Greening of the River 2014,” which shows the dyeing from start to finish.

The river dyeing tradition is in its 52nd year and going strong. It is said that the green water connects Chicago to Ireland, as the green water flows into the Illinois River, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean all the way into the Irish Sea.

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