Tidbits: Feud Between Woods' Mistresses Rages On

There’s trouble brewing between the women who were allegedly once oh so close to golf great Tiger Woods. Rather than bonding over what they have in common, accused serial mistress Rachel Uchitel and adult-film star Joslyn James have been busy trading barbs.

The bad blood began when Uchitel answered a question from celebrity gossip site TMZ.com about James’ decision to use her Woods affiliation as a promotional tool when she performs in strip clubs.

“My personal opinion is that (Joslyn) had originally said she didn’t want to go down that road — then she did,” Uchitel told TMZ on Friday. “To each their own. If this is the way she wants to make a living, then that’s how she’s going to go and promote it. It’s probably more money than she had before.”

Not surprisingly, James took exception with Uchitel’s statement.

“I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger,” James responded in an e-mail to TMZ on Saturday. “Oh yeah, that's right. She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut.”

Those could have been the last words in a short-lived feud, but that was before yet another of Woods’ other women jumped on board.

“I don't deny Rachel's quote that some of the girls involved with Tiger are doing it for the purpose of fame and spotlight,” Jaimee Grubbs told the gossip website. “However, I can only speak for myself, and I'm pretty sure I didn't try to gain fame by having half the world hating me.”

Tame compared to the previous rounds, but no problem. By Monday, James was back on point with another swipe.

“I think (Rachel is) a bed jumper and she needs to get a hobby — and a real job, like the rest of us — instead of making a living out of exploiting married men and trying to ruin families like she did,” she explained from her spot at Miami’s eXXXotica Expo. “Just my opinion.”

James continues to fan the flames, but Uchitel hasn’t returned to the fight. Yet.

Sidibe’s mom denies daughter’s bad behavior
Reports of Gabourey Sidibe’s bad behavior at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner simply don’t ring true to the “Precious” star’s mother. Alice Tan Ridley insists she didn’t raise her daughter to act ill mannered.

Two weeks ago, Washington Post blogger Jonathan Capehart claimed the Oscar-nominated actress rudely snubbed him and others at the recent D.C. event, and that an earlier meeting with Sidibe prompted a colleague to declare, “Oh! She’s horrible.”

That report came just days after a Media Bistro post described a fan photo op with Sidibe, in which the admirer hoped for a smile, but supposedly ended with the star bluntly stating, “You’ll get what I give you.”

The news comes as an unbelievable surprise to Ridley.

“I just spoke with Gabby yesterday while she was filming in Arizona and she is fine,” Ridley told Radar Online. “Would you believe all of those comments? Gabby was not raised to be a rude person. It has been a big change having all that attention, and I think she has done well. She is happy right now.”

As for the particular remarks the reporters accused Sidibe of making, the veteran subway singer dismissed them.

“Those comments are just other people’s opinions,” Ridley said.

Dish on the fly
While still not addressing recent rumors about her alleged breast augmentation, actress Kate Hudson told the Telegraph that she’s happy with the shape she has. “I’m pretty comfortable with my body,” Hudson explained. “The imperfections are there. … Not sure, but the older I get the more I am OK with (my body). When I was younger I felt I had to apologize for being so happy, for not seeing things in a negative way.” … “Robin Hood” leading man Russell Crowe recently attempted to distance himself from his angry image, but in an interview with Parade, co-star Cate Blanchett hinted that Crowe’s notoriety is well deserved. “Russell is not always easy,” the actress revealed. “His reputation both as an actor and as an intimidating presence precedes him. But he's always after making the best possible film.” Besides, Blanchett had no problem when it came to speaking her own mind. “I'm not backward in coming forward, so we had some, shall I say, ‘robust’ conversations,” she assured. … Once the news broke that Jim Carrey moved on after his split from longtime love Jenny McCarthy, the actress-activist wasted no time in finding a new man of her own. The two have been spotted keeping close company, but the identity of her beau remains a secret. “Omg. I ran into mystery man at Katsuya last night,” McCarthy quipped in a Twitter post over the weekend. “What a coincidence! I made out with him again. Now I really REALLY want 2 know his name.”

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