Swinging Ed Swiderski Stepped Out on Jillian: Report

"Bachelorette" winner reportedly tried to juggle three women after proposing

"Bachelorette" winner Ed Swiderski has been playing a different game lately. The Second City hearthrob is allegedly already two-timing (make that three-timing) Jillian Harris, Us Weekly reports.

Swiderski got between the sheets with two different exes during the show's run. The smooth talker even bedded former flame Lindsey Johnson eight days after he popped the question to Harris on the "Bachelorette" finale on July 27.

"I feel gross, used and completely violated. It shocks me that he was able to do something like that to me," Johnson said.

Another girlfriend that swooned for Swiderski, Bethany Steffen, is now crying foul. A humiliated Steffen told the gossip magazine that Swiderski texted her to “bring beer and condoms” over to his place a day after the Johnson affair, all while planning a Chicago love nest for he and Harris.

"Ed's not worth my time," Steffen now says. "But if I can help someone avoid heartbreak, I'm gonna do that."

But torrid love affairs aren't the only shadiness sticking to Swiderski. Apparently he sent steamy texts to Johnson while filming the show, claiming that Harris wasn’t his “type” and that he prefers to pine for “all blondes.”

Swiderski had apparently been dating both Johnson and Steffen prior to the show’s filming, and the playboy even left Harris after episode five – for what he said were job related issues – to rendezvous with the ladies.

When he left the girls in Chicago to return to "The Bachelorette," he neglected to inform the ladies – who didn’t know about one another – that he was a contestant on a reality dating show. The jilted girlfriends say they talked to Us so that they could warn Jillian.

"Lindsey and I are both smart girls, and Ed just has this way of making people believe what he wants. Jillian needs to be careful," Steffen said.

Harris, for her part, isn't buying the tale. 

"It's not possible," she said. "... This is a bump in the road and we'll get through it."

Jillian, we applaud your loyalty.

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