This Week's New Movies: “Season of the Witch,” “Country Strong”

It's the first week of the year, the entire industry's been on vacation for two weeks and everyone's gearing up for the Oscars--the pickings are slim.

Country Strong
Gwyneth Paltrow stars as a country music star trying to get her life and career back on track in this film that, thanks to great acting, fantastic music, Feste's unabashed earnestness and the catchiest title song since "Ghostbusters," reminds us of Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet; some love it, some hate it, and some ridicule it, but, for good or bad, you won't soon forget it. Co-stars Garret Hedlund (“Tron: Legacy), Leighton Meester (“Gossip Girl”) and Tim McGraw. In theaters everywhere, read our full review and watch the trailer

Season of the Witch
Nic Cage and Ron Perlman are deserters from the Knights Templar who agree to deliver an accused witch to trial in return for clemency. Is it possible she really is a witch?!?!?!? In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune”
Too few people know of singer-songwriter Phil Ochs, who rose to fame as part of the folk movement in the early ‘60s. Fewer still know the story of his bizarre stab at mainstream fame in the ‘70s that left his early fans feeling angry and betrayed. Features interviews with Christopher Hitchens, Joan Baez and Sean Penn. In limited release, watch the trailer

“The Time That Remains”
A four-part semi-autobiographical film from Elia Suleiman that recounts the birth of Israel from the darkly comic point of view of a family of Palestinians. In limited release, watch the trailer

Coming up next week: "The Dilemma," "The Green Hornet" and "Barney's Version"

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