“The Voice” Recap: The Top 6 Perform and Train Frontman Pat Monahan Subs for Cee Lo Green

Plus, Christina Aguilera reveals her "favorite"

The Voice's Top 6 are one talented bunch, y'all!

Each contestant performed two songs throughout the two-hour episode on Dec. 3, one they selected and one chosen for them by their respective coach.

Cee Lo Green was sick and unable to mentor his remaining two artists, so Train frontman Pat Monahan stepped in. Not being able to coach was "very hard" for Cee Lo, but he says, "I was able to connect with them over the phone."

While she has no artist left in the competition, Christina Aguilera admits she's excited to "sit back and literally be entertained," before revealing she has a favorite in the competition: "I'm loving Cassadee Pope, man!" Her coach Blake Shelton's response? "I love you for that!"

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Team Cee Lo

Nicholas David's first song is picked for him by coach Cee Lo: Earth Wind &Fire's "September." During their rehearsal, Pat pushes him to take some risks, which we totally agree with as Nicholas' performances have become a bit predictable. After his performance, Adam says, "I'm a fan, man!" Blake feels "so dumb" for not turning around for Nicholas in the blind auditions, calling him an "important part" of the show. Christina sees Nicholas gaining more "confidence, "but wants to see something "more adventurous." Cee Lo says he did "a good job," but says he had an issue with the way Nicholas handled the chorus.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is the song Nicholas decides to tackle for his second performance because it's his mother's favorite song. "I love what you do every time," Adam says. "I'm sure there's a lot of people weeping right now, in a good way." Blake calls the performance "magic and beautiful."

Trevin Hunte is given "Walking on Sunshine" by Cee Lo, who wants to pull the 18-year-old out of his comfort zone. "It's time to have fun," Trevin says. Adam admits that he never expected Trevin to sing that song, but says he killed it. "It made me feel so much better to see you happy and moving, "Cee Lo gushes."

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For his second song, Trevin chooses Jennifer Hudson's "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls. "I hope Jennifer never hears that because she will quit the business," Pat says. Trevin absolutely slays the song, earning a standing ovation from all four coaches. "That's one of the best performances I've seen on the show, maybe ever," Adam gushes, while Christina says, "I'm recovering" and offers to take Trevin on the road with her to show him the ropes personally. Blake calls it "a two-minute moment" and Cee Lo wants to have a moment of silence to "mourn the loss of all the other competition!"

Team Blake

Blake picks Rascal Flatts' "Stand" for his pop rocker. "It's a song about redemption and facing your fears," he explains of choosing a country song for Cassadee.

"I don't mind being your co-coach/supporter at this point," Christina gushes. "You're on the money!" Adam says he loved the performance, but wants to see something "different and bizarre." Blake disagrees with Adam and adds, "You made it your own and it was amazing."

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For her second performance, Cassadee picks Avril Lavigne's "I'm With You," and Blake thinks it might be the song that wins her the competition. "You never cease to amaze me," Cee Lo says after her performance, while Adam calls it "his favorite" Cassadee moment on the show yet. "Cassadee Pope is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to tell a story...and to sing really, really good," Blake gushes, before calling his contestant a "phenom." High praise indeed!

Terry McDermott chooses to perform Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" as it brings him back to the time he lost his mother and his wife helped him get through it. Blake suggests that Terry perform with the piano to show off a different side of the Scottish rocker. The performance gets a standing ovation from Blake and Christina, who says, "Blake has the strongest team...you bring it home. You're really amazing." Cee Lo gushes, "I love you. I love your rendition." Adam says, "You always blow us away." OF course, Blake had nothing but love for Terry, saying, "That was unbelievable!"

Rod Stewart's "Stay With Me" is Blake's choice for Terry, who says, "I feel really at home singing it" because it's "pure rock 'n' roll." Cee Lo gushes, "I think you are the real thing!" Adam calls Terry "the most consistent" contestant and says he's an "incredible singer."

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Team Adam Levine

Amanda Brown chose Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" and it's the first time the iconic song has been performed on the show. "I couldn't be more excited," coach Adam tells Amanda of her song choice. Blake can't criticize anything about her performance and calls her "a world-class singer." Of course, Cee Lo uses his time as an opportunity to say, "I love, appreciate and adore all women." Then adds, Amanda's performance was "wonderful," Oh, Cee Lo. Never change. "That was a powerful endorsement," Adam jokes, before telling Amanda how proud of her he is.

For her second outing, Adam chooses Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" for Amanda to perform because it's the "last song" viewers would expect her to sing. Christina says, "It was really great," while Cee Lo tells Amanda, "You're looking beautiful." Coach Adam compliments the range she showed throughout the night with her two performances.

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Melanie Martinez, the youngest artist in the competition, chooses to perform Cee Lo's "Crazy" and puts a new spin on the show. "It's risky doing one of the coach's songs," she explains. "I hope Cee Lo isn't too hard on me!" Christina says the performance had a "cool lullaby" effect, but suggests she may have overdid it at times. "I think you did a great job," Cee Lo gushes. Adam's critique? "There were pitch issues, but who cares?!"

Adam selects "The Show" by Lenka to show off Melanie's range and "lighter side," saying, "it's OK to be 17 once in a while!" Blake says, "That was definitely different...you sang it really good," and Christina admits (or sings, rather)what she wants to see from Melanie. (Think Fiona Apple...we think?) "I enjoyed it," Cee Lo counters.

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