“The Voice” Recap: Blake Shelton Uses His Final Steal on the Fifth Night of Battles

He stole the 15-year-old MarissAnn from Christina

Let the battle begin... again!

"The Voice's" fun battle rounds kept truckin' right along on Monday night, which was the NBC reality hit's fifth night of sing-offs. Sadly, the vocal wars had to be cut short (Ugh, presidential debates, are we right?!), so let's jump right into the night' action.

Which artists did coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton send through to the knockout rounds? And did Christina and Blake use their final saves?

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Team Cee Lo

Hurricane Katrina survivor Alexis Marceaux and "the emotional" Daniel Rosa, a bow-tie lover who wowed in his audition after being turned down in season two, are the first artists to battle of the night and face off with Adam Lambert's "Whaddaya Want From Me."

"I love how you sing with all of your soul," Adam tells Daniel, while Blake preferred Alexis' take on the song. Christina calls it "a great matchup," but gives Daniel some constructive criticism and gives the battle to Alexis. Cee Lo says they "both did a great job," but chooses to keep Daniel as he "connects" with him more. No one steals Alexis, who is "a little disappointed."

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Team Adam

"Hippie" Nicole Nelson and high schooler Brandon Mahone take on one of the most famous duets of all time: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Are we the only ones who immediately thought of Ryan Gosling dancing in "Remember the Titans?" No, just us? Moving on! Adam picked the classic because he thinks the two soulful singers will complement each other well, as Nicole is very experienced and can nurture Brandon a bit.

Blake praises both singers but chooses Nicole. Christina says it "was the perfect song choice," and Cee Lo says it was an "evenly matched battle" and says Brandon is the winner. Adam says they both made him "a happy coach." Unfortunately, he can't keep both singers, and Brandon gets sent home as Adam sends Nicole through to the knockout round.

Two other quickie battles went down on Team Adam: Single father Brian Scartocci and wedding singer Loren Allred faced off, with Loren advancing. Former Artist vs. Poet frontman Joe Kirkland and reggae hip-hop singer Samuel Mouton also went up against each other, and Adam sent through Joe.

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Team Blake

It was a slow night for the country crooner, as only one of his team's battles aired. Pop-opera singer Ryan Jirovec went up against former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope (who defended her right to be on the show after her audition) battled, and Blake sent Cassadee through.

Team Christina

The final contestants to battle are 20-year-old Devyn DeLoera and 15-year-old MarissaAnn, the youngest person in the competition. Their song? "Free Your Mind," which is "a song they get to attack aggressively," Christina says.

Cee Lo calls it a tough decision but gives the edge to MarissAnn, while Adam preferred Devyn's take on the song. Blake was "blown away" by MarissaAnn because she is only 15. In the end, Christina's winner is Devyn. Don't feel bad for MarissaAnn, though, as Blake decides to steal her. "I like MarissaAnn," he says, before pushing his button. "Thank you for doing that," Christina says, before telling the young singer, "You are in good hands."

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