The Problem with Casting a “Predator” Sequel: Everyone Died (Almost) Last Time

There's a pretty basic problem with creating a sequel to the testosterone-filled classic that is 1987's "Predator."

Most everyone died in a totally awesome blaze of macho glory. While they rock on in guy movie history forever, it really cut down on the casting for "Predators" (opening Friday) and those invariably fun return cameos.

In fact, producer Robert Rodriguez is even friends with "Predator" star Carl Weathers. "I got an email from him during production," Rodriguez said at the movie's press day. "It was just a blanket email telling everyone he had lost his phone and all his contacts."

It got him thinking: "Carl Weathers, we should bring him in." Totally awesome thought for a nano-second. But then he realized, "Wait, he died in the original."

One could make a strong argument that Weathers could have still been used in the sequel because when he died valiantly in the original his arm was sliced off, but continued to fire the machine gun. That sucker is still hand-walking through a forest somewhere looking for ugly monsters to kill. But Rodriguez took the safe route. Dead is dead, even in Hollywood.

"I would've loved to have used Carl," Rodriguez said. "But you couldn't bring any of these guys back."

The same for Jesse Ventura. "Well he's dead," says director Nimrod Antal. "We could have had a mutant head or something on a stick."

The duo also gave up trying to cast Arnold, who actually did survive the original. But he couldn't get away from the day job. So it's a clean casting slate for a new generation.

But rest assured, there are plenty of macho valiant deaths in the sequel which will make the next sequel equally hard to cast.

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