The PBCS Movie Standings: Fly Me “Courageous”!

Last week was the first time we unveiled our new proprietary PBCS formula, which re-ranked the weekend box office using our patented buttermilk marinade and secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. And the results of our mathematical shenanigans were... well... they were pretty darn close to the weekend box office rankings. Oh, but this week. This week, people, our rejiggering has paid off! Witness now the unstoppable box office force that is Christian filmmaker Alex Kendrick! Your box office figures look like this, according to Box Office Mojo:

1. Dolphin Tale - $14.2M

2. Moneyball - $12.5M

3. Lion King 3D - $11.1M

4. 50/50 - $8.9M

5. Courageous - $8.8M

6. Dream House - $8.2M

7. Abduction - $5.7M

8. What's Your Number? - $5.6M

9. Contagion - $5.0M

10. Killer Elite - $4.9M

Aw, so sweet that little "Dolphin Tale" is winning the hearts of Americans. It would be a real underdog story, if Alex Kendrick didn't SMASH IT TO BITS IN OUR RANKINGS. Behold!

1. Courageous - 441

2. 50/50 - 268

3. Moneyball - 183

4. Dolphin Tale - 167

5. Lion King 3D - 146

6. The Help - 119

7. Drive - 95

8. Contagion - 53

9. What's Your Number? - 4

10. Killer Elite - 2

You've probably never heard of "Courageous." This is because you don't go to church anymore and you sit around all Sunday watching football and you shall be smoten good for it. But Kendrick is no stranger to surprise box office success. It was Kendrick who made "Fireproof," the Evangelical Kirk Cameron vehicle that made noise at the box office back in 2009. "Fireproof" cost half a million bucks to make and grossed over $33 million. And "Courageous," despite bad reviews, quadrupled its $2 million budget in just one weekend. The film is, given its modest ambitions, a smashing success, and the rankings bear that out. Expect Kendrick to be crowned the "White Tyler Perry" any day now. I'm very excited for TNT to give him a drama series that I'll never watch.

Elsewhere in the rankings, you'll see that both "Dream House" and "Abduction" failed to even crack the top 10, with "Abduction" grabbing a perfect ZERO score, proving that our formula is above reproach. "Dream House" cost over $50 million and is nothing short of a disaster, regardless of whether or not Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz found love on the set. "50/50" also recouped its tiny budget over the weekend, and good reviews could help it find modest success. And poor Anna Faris is stuck with people loving her but hating her movies. She's the female Ryan Reynolds!

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