For Sale: “The Big Lebowski” Bungalow

Live like "The Dude" in this Venice bungalow just blocks from Abbot Kinney for a cool $2.3 million.

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Grab your favorite rug and a bottle of Kahlua. The bungalow that served as Jeff Bridges' home in the 1998 Cohen brothers film "The Big Lebowski" is for sale. Live like "The Dude" in this Venice abode for a cool $2.3 million. Just hope that the nihilists don't come to get you. Click forward to check it out.
Bulldog Realtors
The famed movie location (Bungalow No. 2 to be exact) is actually part of a compound that includes six one-bedroom cottages. The 10,628-square-foot lot is located at 606-608 Venezia Ave. in Venice (map).
Come on, man! The Dude, aka Jeffrey Lebowski, spent the majority of his time bowling with his gun-happy friend Walter and Donny in the film.
Bulldog Realtors
The property is listed via Bulldog Realtors for $2,295,000.
Bulldog Realtors
EMPTY_CAPTION"Because of the whole 'Dudism' and the film, people are very interested," said Winston Cenac of Bulldog Realtors.
The Dude is just about the only man to pull off jelly shoes. Fun fact: they actually belong to Bridges.
Bulldog Realtors
EMPTY_CAPTION"We've had people show up who basically want to take their picture next to bungalow No. 2, which is where Jeff Bridges lived in the film," said Cenac.
Bulldog Realtors
The property underwent major renovations in 2005 -- a big upgrade from the condition of the bungalow seen in the 1998 film, Cenac said.
EMPTY_CAPTION"That rug really tied the room together." In the film, after buying cream at Ralph's, The Dude returns to his home where thugs break in and demand money from him. After explaining that they've confused him for a different (millionaire) Lebowski, one of the thugs urinates on The Dude's rug. Not cool, man!
Bulldog Realtors
EMPTY_CAPTION"Somebody asked me whether Jeff's character could have afforded to live in the property today," Cenac said. "That's a tough one. It would have been hard."
Bulldog Realtors
The property is available for viewing. More information about upcoming open houses can be found online here.
Fun fact: Jeff Bridges says "man" 147 times during the movie. That's nearly 1.5 times per minute, man!
Bulldog Realtors
So far, there have been no offers on the property, said Cenac.
Bulldog Realtors
The property includes garage parking -- the perfect place to store Creedence tapes and your business papers.
Now you can be TIME magazine's man (or woman) of the year if you scoop up The Dude's abode. The Dude abides!
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