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Texas First Responders Haunted by ‘Horror' at First Baptist Church Massacre

Days after they responded to the worst mass shooting in Texas history, the husband and wife paramedic team that was the first on the scene is haunted by what they saw inside the blood-soaked sanctuary of the First Baptist Church.

"I’m trying to get the horror out of my mind," said paramedic Mike Shaw, of the La Vernia Emergency Medical Service. "But you can’t unsee what you already saw."

Shaw and his wife, Jamie, who is also an EMT, arrived just minutes after Devin Patrick Kelley put tiny Sutherland Springs on the map of infamy Sunday by murdering 26 people — a third of them children — and wounding 20 more with a Ruger AR-556 assault-type rifle.

Security video from inside the church showed Kelley methodically shooting people in the head, a federal source close to the investigation told NBC News.

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