Texas Border Town Fights Trump's Wall, Fears It Could Displace Homes

Local elected officials in several specific towns, including Roma, and Homeland Security have until Sept. 30 to agree on where exactly the barriers will go

In Roma, Texas, there are absolutely zero barriers between the United States and Mexico. The town with its population of about 11,000 sits just across from Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Mexico. Without a wall, fence or even barbed wire to separate the two countries, the town is vulnerable, according to Customs and Border Protection — but many in the community disagree, NBC News reports.

This past week, the border security deal reached by Congress and signed by President Trump set aside $1.35 billion for fencing and barriers at the border. Apart from the national emergency Trump declared to secure additional billions for the border, the funding deal spelled out that a wall could not be built in Roma until there’s more input from the community.

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