Taylor Swift: Knife-Wielding Intruder Arrested at Nashville Home, Claimed to Be Singer's Boyfriend

Police have 24-year-old Jacob Kulke in custody on $10,000 bond after capturing him trespassing at the star's gated home early Friday morning

Here's a birthday surprise no one would wish for: While Taylor Swift was in England celebrating turning 23 with new boyfriend Harry Styles, a man was busy attempting to break into her Nashville home.

Jacob Kulke, a pocket knife-wielding 24-year-old, was arrested early Friday morning for criminal trespassing at Swift's Tennessee pad.

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Fortunately, Taylor was not home at the time (she was spotted being driven to an airport in the U.K. by Styles just this morning), though security at the singer's residence caught Kulke and swiftly phoned police, who responded and managed to have the man in their custody by 2 a.m.--though not before he had managed to jump the fence at Belle Meade estate and make it past a secured gate.

According to local reports, when questioned by the officers on the scene, Kulke told them he was Swift's boyfriend and that he had taken a bus from Wisconsin in order to be with the star on her birthday, and had previously attempted to contact her through social media.

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Indeed, per the Twitter account of Jake Kulke, whose profile picture matches that of the mug shot released, Jake sent a birthday tweet to Swift yesterday, after writing the day before, "Had to go see about a girl."

Who, thankfully, was with her actual boyfriend on another continent at the time.

Kulke, whose criminal record includes convictions for domestic abuse, battery and disorderly conduct, has since been booked into Davidson County Jail and is being held on $10,000 bond.

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