Tarsem Joins the “Snow White” Race

The $334 million taken in by "Alice in Wonderland" was a wake-up call to Hollywood producers, reminding them that girls--yes, girls--can actually attract people to the theater. So of course that means we need at least two "Snow White" movies.

Tarsem, the visionary director of the cult gem "The Fall," has been signed on to helm an as yet untitled "Snow White" film for Relativity Media, reported Deadline. The film opens with Snow's evil stepmother killing her father and laying waste to the kingdom. But Snow rallies a band of dwarves to reclaim her throne.

This film is not to be confused with the “Snow White & The Huntsman,” the Universal film that is courting Johny Depp and Charlize Theron for the leads. The studio is placing such a big bet on this project that they;ve scheduled it to open the same weekend as the first chapter of "The Hobbit." Goo luck with that.

And of course who can forget "Snow White and the Seven," a retelling of the fable set in British Colonial China that was co-written by Michael Chabon and was hoping to star Natalie Portman? That version seems DOA, which is just as well, cuz really, how many Snow Whites can you watch in a year?

Tarsem's next film, the Greek myth epic "Immortals," which promises to be the film we all hoped "Clash of the Titans" would be, comes out Nov. 11, 2011.

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