Tara Reid: “There's Going to be a Lebowski 2”

Anyone got a spare $1,000? Because Bunny Lebowski is back.

In an interview with Hollywood.tv, actress Tara Reid - who played the kidnapped trophy wife at the heart of the Coen Brother's cult classic "The Big Lebowski" - revealed that among her upcoming projects is "Lebowski 2." 

Reid goes on to say that "everyone should be coming back for that," but admits she has not actually seen a script.

Rumors have been kicking around about a Lebowski sequel for a while, but many of them seemed to be purely fan wish fulfillment rather than based on anything concrete out of the Coen camp.

The Coen Brothers, of course, just directed Jeff "El Duderino" Bridges to a Best Actor Nomination for "True Grit," so who knows what they have planned. We're dusting off our Autobahn albums in anticipation.

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